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As a subcontractor, we have had to work with Hill Built Homes and particularly Keith Hill on numerous occasions.  Not only does he have a personable attitude that is easy to work with, he is generally a nice guy.  We work with many contractors, and unfortunately I cannot say that about all of them.  We rarely have any issues with our Hill Built Homes, even when dealing with customizations, and homeowners are dealt with and we always see happy clients.  Hill Built homes is one of the easiest builders to work with. There are never problems with our houses and he is always quick to get back to us with any issues that may arise.  He is by far one of the easier builders that we work with, especially given that we are dealing with custom homes.  I would recommend Hill Built Homes and consider them a "go to" contractor.

Darel Grauberger

Prior to working with Keith Hill, I was honestly dreading the hassle of building a new home. Having lived in the treasure valley since 1988 I'd had the experience of dealing with various contractors over the years, including a different home building experience which left me less than eager to start another building project. Now, in retrospect, I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was at the process working with Keith. He was in constant communication with my wife throughout the entire project and she never had to wonder what was going on or what was happening on any given week. He made sure to clear any and all design questions, changes, modifications, etc. through us and not make any arbitrary decisions. He listened to all of our concerns and took them into consideration at every step. Keith Hill truly cares about what his name is going on and is willing to communicate with his clients. I can recommend his service to anyone I know and if I build again or have any other projects, I will be calling Keith first.  

    Hill Built Homes Reviews 

Amy Martin

After shopping the house market for years, I knew we were going to have to build a custom home if we were to have a " forever home " that would suit all of our needs, but I was very nervous about the idea of building again since our last building experience had been such a negative experience in so many ways. My dear friend, a designer, recommended Keith Hill of Hill Built Homes as a builder who would be perfectly suited to our needs and help us have a very positive experience.

After doing a great deal of research and interviewing builders, we chose Hill Built Homes and have never regretted it! Keith Hill is an extremely respectful, honest, and hardworking cost-plus builder. Still being hyper-cautious from having been burned repeatedly by our previous builder, I wanted to be heavily involved in all aspects of the building process. I was also extremely budget conscious. Keith allowed me to be as involved as I wanted, but I also knew he was very experienced and quite capable of making sure every detail was done to my satisfaction if I could not be present. Keith was very good about helping me stick to my budget, offering more options until I found what I was looking for and being patient with me until I found just the perfect item that fit my style and our family's needs. After having worked with a cost-plus builder, I don't know why anyone would want to build any other way. I loved the fact that every day, I knew, almost to the penny, what our project was costing us. I was repeatedly surprised when Keith came in under budget again and again, working tirelessly to make sure we got a lot of " house" for our money.


Today we are in a house that we absolutely love!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the custom building experience and will choose Hill Built Homes again if we are fortunate enough to build a home for my parents. If you want a builder who is able to pay attention to details, hold his sub-contractors accountable to high standards, and who genuinely cares that his clients are 100% satisfied, I would highly recommend Keith Hill for your consideration.

Mark Wisenor

When my wife and I decided to build a home in Nampa, we consulted with friends, family, and real estate agents about who we should hire to build our home.  Keith Hill's name came up a number of times.  After interviewing multiple builders, we chose to go with Keith.  We most certainly do not regret our decision!  This was our first house building experience and Keith did a great job of keeping us informed of progress and even a few details we otherwise would not have been aware of.  He was very helpful and creative along the way, making sure that we would be happy with the finished product.  He added some very nice touches during construction to help personalize our home and give it the character we were seeking.  People often ask me, "How do you like your new home?"  My standard answer is, "It's better than I imagined!"

Julie Shelner

Keith built our home and I can definitely say that he is extraordinary with his abilities and his compassion for his clients.  We were very fortunate to find him.  He was able to help us realize a handsome amount of equity in our home ..... not to mention to be the coveted house on the neighborhood.  People are scared to build a custom home because they think it will be expensive, but we paid less for ours than we did for some of the cookie cutter builders.  I wish Keith the best of luck.  I know who we will turn to when we go to build our next home.

James Markley

We decided to have our home built by Hill Built Homes after viewing one of their Parade Houses.  Our home is exquisite, definitely the envy of our friends.  Keith thought of details that really turned our dream house into an elegant home.  Choosing to go with them was the best decision we ever made!